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Leaving Stockholm explores the fictional story of a teenage girl Helen, who was abducted as a child and kept captive for eight years. The film concentrates on her life one year after her release, and her rehabilitation back into her old life.
Starring Veronica Quilligan (Lisztomania, Robin and Marian), Leaving Stockholm is a poignant mockumentary that probes the shattered identity of an abuse survivor as she confronts the hard choices of her newfound freedom.



Best Shorts Competition

Winner Women Filmmakers Award of Merit

International Film Festival for Documentary, Short and Comedy

Winner Award of Merit

Documentary and Short International Movie Award  

Winner Gold Award

St. Tropez & Nice International Film Festival

Winner Best Supporting Actress Veronica Quilligan for her performance as Rosalind Bernard


Indieburgh Film Festival (Festival opening film)
International Film Festival for Documentary, Short and Comedy 
Documentary & Short International Movie Award 
Women ́s Director International Film Festival (WDIFF) 
Short Screenplay Contest 
UnderCannes (Cannes Underground Film Festival) 
HerTube International Film Festival 
International Freethought Film Festival 2015 
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Daisy Ward as Helen Bernard 

Veronica Quilligan as Rosalind Bernard

William Blenkisop as Bruno Bernard

Steve Hemsley as a Reporter

Christopher Laishley as a Newscaster

Mark Sweet as Dr. Webb

Zoe Johnson as Young Helen


Director:  Natalia Ambarnikova
Producer:  Zein Kurdi
Writers:  Zein Kurdi
                    Eleonora Bordi
Cinematographer: Hana Nasir
2nd Camera Operator: Pippa Matthews
Composers:  Aya Udagawa
                            Quentin Lachapele
Editor: C.J. Lazaretti
First Assistant Director: Talisa Oberoi
Production Designer: Pippa Matthews
Script Supervisor: Cyrine Trabelsi
Focus Puller: Kupa Warner
Gaffers:   Markus Ljungberg
                    Babak Jani
Clapper Loaders:  George Murphy
                                        Adam Farquharson
                                        Mohamad Zakii
Sound Recordist: Joshua Stanley
Sound Mixer: Ian Arber
Colourist: Gwyn Evans
Course Leader: Charles H. Joslain
Equipment Manager: Aiman Harhish
Head of Production: Valeria Bullo
Special Thanks to:  Matryn Bray
                                           Stephen Thompson
                                           Angeli Macfarlane
                                          Camilla Bk
                                          Fola Oyeleye
                                          Dennis Morrison
Executive producers: Ashley Musgrave
                                                   Femi Colade

© CFSL IFD M13 2014

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